Aarki Mobile Ad Network Review

Aarki is created for modern brands and publishers all over the world who wants to earn money with applications. This monetization will be profitable for small and huge clients that have mobile software. This platform is the best in delivering real actions and reaching real results thanks to own algorithms in optimization.

Introduction to Aarki

Aarki is a company that specialized in mobile software marketing and content optimization. It uses special technologies in media optimization to reach the best results. There are numerous clients of this platform who have already appreciated Aarki reviews and services. Among them are famous agencies, brands, small and large businesses, young and experienced developers. This company is global, because own offices all over the world, including London, Tokyo, Yerevan, Beijing, Manila.

Aarki Company Stats

  • Official website: http://www.aarki.com
  • Founded in 2010
  • Company size: 50-200 employees
  • Social Media Accounts:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/aarkimobile

Twitter https://twitter.com/aarkimobile

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/aarki

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Publishers will be thankful for Aarki superior technology. What does it mean? This ad company used to provide customers with the best advertising. But in case there are numerous formats of ads it is quite hard. So thanks to special approach specialists in Aarki review and analyze possible types of content and placements for it. In a result they determine the most proper advertising for exact client. That’s why all clients will be sure why do they spend the exact budget for exact actions. And the main thing is that ROI will always be positive.

Among others advantages of Aarki are the following options:

  • high purposes will be reached

To become the TOP application your software need to be declared by customers from all over the world;

  • only right audience

If your advertising is seen by wrong audience, there wouldn’t be any profit. So it is much better to target special customers to make them real clients;

  • create right options

It is obvious to mention type of device, its settings, basic language, country, etc.

So high revenue is guaranteed, no matter what the platform is – Android or iOS. Using powerful dashboard on the official site customers will save personal time due to creating ads in 5 minutes to earn money right now. In addition everyone will be provided with fair analytics and reports to make the cooperation easier. This option allows tracking all activities of application, viewing traffic, monitoring campaigns, optimize monetization settings, etc.

Account Help

Email [email protected]


This company insists that it is always glad to cooperate with new specialists in this field. So if you have good skills in mobile advertising then send your request to their corporate email.

email  [email protected]

Editor’s Aarki Review

This company is modern because doesn’t use old-fashioned technologies in advertising. In Aarki review it is easy to understand that they are experienced but not too old.

By the way company started its history in 2010 when 2 guys Sid and Levon decided to create own project in a small room. Who knows what could happen if they didn’t put all efforts on their idea. Nowadays years ago the world has Aarki – great marketing platform for different purposes and exact result.

To perform qualitative optimization for applications this team has access to big data and special adtech staff. It is a real challenge to work with such amount of job, but thanks to own datacenters with more than 300,000 queries per second all operations are done with awesome speed. Such approach allows saving money and spending budget more efficient.

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