AdColony Mobile Ad Network Review

AdColony is an advertising platform with more than 1.4 billion users in the world. It was known before as Opera Mediaworks, but years ago make a successful rebranding. The following AdColony review is meant to demonstrate all useful features and options.

Introduction to AdColony

Appnext’s community of 30,000+ developers made it possible to cater for publishers’ and advertisers’ needs effectively. Appnext has a number of innovative tools at place that allow publishers create unique promotional campaigns. The platform operates on a CPI bidding basis to enable advertisers optimize bids and target the preferred users.

AdColony Company Stats

Information for Advertisers

They are keen on promoting mobile software and other environments for advertisers to provide them with desirable services. It is the main thing why clients choose them.

The task of AdColony is to reach exact goals, using wide array of action. They may start with website analyzing and driving traffic, and then make efforts with more complicated actions such as increasing the conversation. To deliver clients such results the team uses original mix of tools, technologies, and art. Before starting each new project specialist in AdColony review current situation and propose proper actions.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

With AdColony users are free to improve their software and monetize them. Such platform for mobile advertising was made for this and can’t cause any trouble. To get the highest results and in particular profit users can use premium eCPMs, special high fill rates, and Fortune 500 advertisers. It could be done just after joining this platform.

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Adcolony FAQ: for publishers and advertisers

Editor’s AdColony Review

This platform has numerous advantages that can be useful for wide array of consumers. On the one hand this premium video advertising company satisfies both different advertisers and brands which aspire to become closer with target audience. On the other hand this network proposes valuable solutions for publishers and developers to help them in monetization. In general it matches needs of all software no matter what operating system it is based on. Clients order services for both iOS and Android applications.

There is interesting solution for brands so called AdColony Express. It is based on pay-per-view system so use simple video upload.

The main thing is to reach right audience. No doubt that any actions will help in promotion, but the level of its ROI differs. That’s why every campaign is started with analysis and segmentation of target users. In a result clients know what they pay for.

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