AdMob Mobile Ad Network Review

AdMob is a leading mobile advertising company.  It specializes in creating ads for major mobile platforms and all existing mobile Internet browsers.

Introduction to AdMob

AdMob allows analyzing your app performance, monetizing with mobile ads and promoting your applications. AdMob receives 200 billion global advertising requests per month.  Among Admob’s top partners are Sega, PicsArt, Colorpl, Fingersoft, and Herocraft.

Overall rating: 4.25 out of 5

Pros: cross-platform monetization, great fill rates, attractive eCPMs

Cons: restrictions on ad placement, AdSence account is a requirement

AdMob Company Stats

Official website:

Founded: 2006 by Omar Hamoui, (acquired by Google in 2009).

Number of employees: 100-250

Official Social Media Accounts:


Google +


Google Blog


Information for Advertisers

AdMob provides revolutionary tools to facilitate in-app purchases and publisize any other apps you’re using. The company offers free house ads for iOS and Android. By taking advantage of in-house apps, you can increase revenues without additional investments, effectively target users and test IAP offers. Hence, there is no need to develop your own tailored solution or add a new tool.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

AdMob is a prominent platform for anyone trying to monetize apps and boost ad revenues via app promotion. An outstanding mediation service, ever-increasing demand from global advertisers and effective ad control options result in 15-20% revenue growth for app developers using this platform. To monetize using AdMob, you can:

  • Choose the needed ad format (interstitial, banner or video advertising) to ensure great customer experience;
  • Earn with highly customizable native ads (i.e. Content ads or App installation ones;
  • Control undesired ads with the help of special filters;
  • Get access to all Google advertisers and real-time bidding buyers;
  • Enjoy higher revenues when advertisers compete to display their advertising in your application;
  • Benefit from leading fill rates worldwide;
  • Take advantage of ad network meditation to earn more.

Account Help

Contacts: 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View CA 94043; phone number 650-253-0000

Overall Account Help Rating: 2 out of 5.


Currently there are no vacancies available at AdMob. However, you can check careers at Google since it has acquired AdMob. You may find attractive job offers at:

Editor’s AdMob Review

Founded in 2006 by Omar Hamoui, AdMob very soon attracted Google’s interest. It lead to the company’s acquisition in 2009. Google paid $750 million for AdMob that became one of the most expensive of its purchases.

Today this company is one of the biggest and most popular app monetization tools. It offers access to millions of advertisers using Google platforms, which results in top fill rates and attractive eCPMs, AdMob incorporates major elements of the advertising network created by Google. That’s why it is sometimes called AdSense for mobile. AdMob is compatible across popular platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Professional and aspiring app publishers can take advantage of AdMob. The most common way of utilizing this service is building standard ads that will pop-up in your mobile app. All the revenue generated with AdMob is divided into two parts: 40% is given to Google, while 60% is deposited into a customer account. Note that there is a specific payment threshold to be met.

Google AdMob activation is simple and does not require any technical knowledge. In fact, it is quite similar to AdSense. As soon as you’ve activated the service, you can play with the design of your ads by customizing colors and fonts. Also, there is an option of testing and optimization of your ad. All this is done with a view to increasing your click rates and boosting visibility. With AdMob, you can set a specific refresh period to maximize the amount of displayed ads. The minimal refresh period is 30 seconds.

Professional users enjoy advanced features, like mediation for constant optimization. AdMob Mediation facilitates the process of displaying ads from different sources. Hence, you can see which ads bring you the biggest revenue and steadily modify your impressions towards them. To get top payoffs and benefit from high traffic, it’s essential to monitor and optimize the process on an ongoing basis. There is an option of automatic optimization that agency can perform for you. It compares historical performance of eCPMs so that you can use this data for increasing traffic. Please note that there are significant limitations in terms of ad networks that AdMob Mediation supports.

When it comes to targeting and filtering option, AdMob does a great job. You can choose the types of ads that you are not willing to allow in your app and ban their advertisers. In such a way, you can protect your brand from undesirable association with shady ads.

No matter whether you are using your own apps to promote or a product or have a contract with third-party advertisers, AdMob can come handy. To put it simple, when you sign a contract with particular advertisers allowing them to place their banners/videos in your application, AdMob helps you set a campaign up and running. If you would like to boost your eCPMs, it may be beneficial to sell your ad space directly to specific advertisers.

Also, you have tools not only to monitor a given campaign but also to report it if something goes wrong. Just like AdSense, AdMob features a user-friendly reporting dashboard. So, you can analyze downloads, the effectiveness of your campaigns using basic and advanced tools.

It is important to note that there are certain limitations that AdMob places on your ads. First, it is impossible to have more than one ad visible at a time if you have a scroll page. For certain apps, this particular restriction is a serious disadvantage since it undermines their earning capacity. Secondly, there are regulations for ad positioning set in place to avoid invalid clicks.

To sum up, AdMob is a reputable and effective monetization solution. Thousands of users enjoy its services to increase personal earnings. In contrast to many competitors, AdMob offers advanced functionalities and top fill rates in addition to customization, monitoring and optimization options.

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