Adscend Media Mobile Ad Network Review

Adscend Media can be helpful for different software and websites. If you desire to boost retention and drive more traffic to site or application then this ad platform is for you. According to Adscend Media review customers will make sure it helps in earning money and targeting users from whole globe (more than 180 countries are available).

Introduction to Adscend Media

There are 2 main fields Adscend Media works with:

  • Rewarded advertising. It is a simple option to gain some money with in-app or it-site ads. For instance, you will get reward for customers, who are watching videos, filling the form, installing application, etc.
  • User acquisition. Such approach will be interesting for mobile brands that need to get closer with target audience.

If you are interested in such services then read the next Adscend Media review.

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Information for Advertisers

An average customer hates traditional advertising. Didn’t you still get it? So stop making him angry using old-fashioned approach. The Adscend Media works since 2009 so its team has already known what kind of promotion is good and what kind is dangerous.

So in general it performs simple tasks for customers such as watching videos, writing polls, installing software. In a result user will get reward from publisher. Why it is profitable for you? Because it allows publisher gaining nice commission.

In this Adscend Media review you will see the most desired advantages:

  • free reports about all action with advertising;
  • easy management for every campaign;
  • fair reward for all actions.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Adscend Media allows clients numerous interesting features. Here are several of them:

  1. Monetize users’ activity and motivate them to come back every day. Use different kinds of ads no matter what is your operating system. The platform is compliant with Android and iOS software.
  2. Get revenue from every action in your app or on website. It is simple and quite profitable.
  3. Earn money with any kind of content. It can be books, articles, links, etc.
  4. Get reliable support. Open a personal dashboard at the website and use all its benefits.
  5. Get fair conditions for cooperation. Adscend Media review insists everyone can get up to $90 eCPMs. Have you payment in each 15 days.
  6. Motivate customers to keep doing their actions. There is nothing difficult!

Account Help

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Adscend Media is a little company with big ambitions. So if you have proper skills in ad networking you can join their team. It is a great opportunity to work with experienced specialists and having amazing benefits as employee. Check their official website to get more information about building own carrier there.

Editor’s Adscend Media Review

Adscend Media will be useful for website and software developers. Thanks to their unique experience this team proposes customers interesting solution with no risk of negative consequences. Both application and game developers can use this platform and its options to create fair and relevant advertising for their products. A variety of ads formats will help to choose the proper one and optimize mobile marketing with fewer efforts. So everyone will be sure that Adscend Media works for making each experience profitable.

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