App2Top Mobile Ad Network Review

App2Top is a young startup offering promotional services for developers. Founded in Russia, the enterprise is trying to grow their customer base and promote its service.

Introduction to App2Top

App2Top offers app analytics, incentivized installs, star ratings and reviews. Prices are very competitive, starting from just $0.1 per order. The company accepts PayPal payments as well as MasterCard and Visa credit/debit cards.

App2Top Company Stats

  • Official website
  • Founded in 2009
  • Company size: less than 10 employees
  • Social Media Accounts


Information for Advertisers

App2Top provides promotional services for developers trying to get more visibility for Android apps and games. The company has publicized over 13k apps and delivered 700k reviews.  It delivers incentivized downloads, ratings and reviews. So, by paying for the service, you can artificially promote your app and make it more visible on Google Play.

Account Help

Contacts: Lenina Street 87-11, Sljudjanka, Russia
Email: [email protected]
Skype: app2top


Currently there is no information regarding openings available at App2Top.

Editor’s App2Top Review

App2Top is an aspiring startup that has not established its name on the market yet. Founded in Russia, it faces severe competition in the local area, not to mention the international arena. The company hires less than 10 employees, however, it is planning to expand in the future. App2Top specializes in promoting Android games and apps on Google Play.

App2Top offers some opportunities for developers. It is trying to artificially generate awareness and make an app/game stand out from the crowd. In order to do so, App2Top provides incentivized installs. So, you get charged whenever your app is downloaded. However, most often it happens that your apps are installed not because the audience is interested in them, but because people are willing to get some incentive for downloading it, i.e. a bonus in an online game.

App2Top does not have any targeting algorithms at place, so it is impossible to display your app only to the desired customers. Since there are no segmentation options, you may never reach your primary audience. Therefore, it may be better to opt for promotional services of more qualified and reputable platforms.

In the company’s Twitter account, it is stated that there are new countries for installs. However, App2Top does not cover many destinations. Therefore, if your app is designed for global usage or a particular country (which is not on the App2Top’s list), this platform is not a good match.

The startup has several testimonials on its official website. However, it is stated that all of them have been written by the company. Such an approach is not professional as it calls into question the quality of the service. Furthermore, all the numbers and stats provided on the website may not be legit.

Overall, App2Top does not seem to be a reliable service for promoting your app. Don’t be led astray by low prices and possibilities to get fake reviews and ratings. It will not help you establish a solid reputation. On the contrary, such a service will make your app look cheap and unreliable.

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