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AppBrain is a reputable mobile platform offering pay-per-install app advertising service. It was created by AppTornado GmbH, a private company founded by two former Googlers.

Introduction to AppBrain

The company focuses on app development, so AppBrain was designed as a special marketplace where AppTornado could publicize its solutions and apps developed by others. Nowadays, this company allows developers to promote their own apps, expand their reach and monetize them by incorporating AppBrain SDK

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Information for Advertisers

As a pay-per-install promotion network for Android, AppBrain gives developers an opportunity to target their potential customers and advertise their apps on a country basis. The platform implements CPI pricing, which means that developers are charged only when their apps are installed. Furthermore, the agency provides an overview CPI for each country, so you can easily set a budget and monitor spending.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

AppBrain offers monetization opportunities for publishers. By taking advantage of AppBrain’s SDK, which is easy to integrate, you can monetize virtually any Android application. The kit allows building user-friendly banners and interstitial pages with top eCPMs, and hence generating higher revenues. A great bonus is AppBrain analytics that provide essential statistics regarding users’ retention and their background information.

AppBrain gives an incentive 10% bonus for reinvesting your earnings into app promotion. So, if you are trying to get more exposure and increase awareness, this can be a great solution.

Account Help

Contact: Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

Feedback: [email protected]

Advertising & Partnerships: [email protected]



AppTornado has offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Utrecht, the Netherlands. Now, the company is expanding its operations and therefore is looking for new talents. People passionate about software development and willing to work in a dynamic environment are welcome there.

Editor’s AppBrain Review

What is AppBrain?

AppBrain is a platform for discovering new Android apps, promoting your own applications and monetizing them. You can find information about existing apps, get resources for publishers and look through essential analytics. Besides, AppBrain provides valuable insights about the Android market, which may be crucial for anyone dealing with Android applications or games.


The platform was created by AppTornado GmbH a company specializing in app development. Founded in 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland, today AppTornado has expanded its operations to the Netherlands. In addition to popular apps and games published under the name ‘Swiss Codemonkeys’, the company is known for AppBrain, an app promotion and monetization service.

Android App Market Place

AppBrain App Market is an app allowing users to look for apps androidthey are interested in and discover new ones in the Google Play Market. The app has already generated over 5 million downloads and is still expanding its popularity.

A good thing about AppBrain is that anyone can create an outstanding app and  easily place it in the market place without spending a fortune. However, it is still hard to identify excellent and useful apps since the competition on the Google play is severe.

Advertising opportunities

In addition to search capabilities, AppBrain gives advertisers a chance to effectively promote their apps. Any campaign can be tailored to particular needs and customized on a country basis. There is a powerful targeting algorithm incorporated into the mobile app company in order to promote your app to the right audience.

The set up process is simple as ABC and does not presuppose any changes for your app. The solution tracks the amount of installations after clicking on an ad. So, you can measure the impact of your campaign and optimize it if needed.

In contrast to many competitors, AppBrain doesn’t have a base of partners who download an app just because the company pays them for that. In fact, the platform delivers only non-incentivized installs, which means that users who download your apps are really interested in them.

Monetization opportunities

AppBrain offers an opportunity to get revenues from your app. There are over 40,000 publishers participating in driving downloads and monetizing their applications.

To start getting money from an app, you should create an account and download AppBrain SDK. It is very small and quite easy to integrate with your app. The kit helps you to create banners and interstitials that grab the attention of target users. In case of any difficulties with SDK, you can get more information on the website or send an enquiry. Once you are ready, you can start monitoring your monetization process and access app stats.

After you start generating revenues, you can apply for payouts on a monthly basis. The minimum sum for withdrawal is 25$. Note that AppBrain encourages publishers to re-invest money into app promotion by giving out a special 10% discount.

Overall, AppBrain is a suitable app for monetization and advertising. It provides non-incentivized downloads, incorporates measurement and targeting tools as well as analytics. However, it may be less effective than competitors’ solutions because it deals only with Android-based applications. Therefore, if you are developing an app for iOS, AppBrain is not the best idea.

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