AppLovin Mobile Ad Network Review

AppLovin is one of the marketing platforms for mobile software that leads this sphere in the world.

Introduction to AppLovin

It was created to help famous brands to become more popular and increase its amount of customers up to 2 billion using special useful content. This company proposes to use their automatic platform to attract new consumers to their mobile applications.

There more than 100 people working there nowadays. You can find its offices in Tokyo, Dublin, Seoul, Berlin, Beijing, San, and New York. This AppLovin review is meant to show its good sides for real.

AppLovin Company Stats




Information for Advertisers

Here are the most interesting advantages of AppLovin:

  1. Attracts new customers

It will help in expanding own reach. That’s why this platform uses approaches to target exact audience that will definitely like your software. After this clients may compare several campaigns and optimize the promotion.

  1. Uses effective marketing

Attract customers from any country you need, because geographic regions can influence on the final results. Thanks to AppLovin algorithms you can target those people who are really interested in your software. As more relevant content will be as more results it will bring.

  1. Analyses data to find more useful information

AppLovin reviews current situation and provides customers with some metrics to show the real-time picture of performance. All analytic is based on ROI so you will see the efficient of each action and have an opportunity to optimize general strategy.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

AppLovin review demonstrates that it is worth the attention of publishers. And here are the reasons:

  • revenues are guaranteed

The final profit differs according to numerous indexes. First of all you need to choose proper technologies for your target users. Thanks to AppLovin it will be done automatically.

  • everyone can earn more

Clients will be satisfied with AppLovin, because this team works with TOP companies in the world, who trust them so serious task. And getting paid 15 days after each month will be a pleasant bonus.

  • any format is important

Your goal is to optimize revenue and earn more and more, so use all array of formats: from banners to videos. Make the most relevant mix to optimize the campaigns.

  • easy way to start

There are no complicated tasks or strange tools. AppLovin reviews show that it is compliant with iOS, Amazon, and Google software. So the process will be very fast and easy.

  • attract new customers day by day

As more customers will join the ads as more revenue you will get. Remember it and do your best. After quick integration the SDK you can create and perform advertising campaigns.

Account Help


AppLovin FAQ: for publishers and advertisers

Advertisers Support:

Publishers Support

Careers at AppLovin

This ad platform is always opened for good specialists. If you are keen on advertising and want to take part in such global activity to change the world then you are welcomed to the team. Have a passion and try your luck!

Editor’s AppLovin Review

AppLovin created own mission. It is to help brands in usage of relevant content. So together you can drive more traffic to attract users. It became possible because this platform uses real-time data signals to find out what do customers really want. Only in such a way it is possible to build proper relationships with people.

AppLovin reviews and delivers over 1 billion consumers every month. So in a result everyone will be satisfied: users, advertisers, and marketing plans.

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