Appnext Mobile Ad Network Review

Appnext is a popular mobile platform incorporating promotional and monetization opportunities. Working with leading developers and advertisers, the platform delivers 12 billion impressions in 180 countries monthly.

Introduction to Appnext

Appnext’s community of 30,000+ developers made it possible to cater for publishers’ and advertisers’ needs effectively. Appnext has a number of innovative tools at place that allow publishers create unique promotional campaigns. The platform operates on a CPI bidding basis to enable advertisers optimize bids and target the preferred users.

Appnext Company Stats


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Information for Advertisers

For advertisers, Appnext is an opportunity to connect to leading publishers, whilst paying only for actual results (installs) rather than for clicks or impressions. Since the Appnext platform is 100% self-served, which means that you are fully in charge of your campaign, you may need some help in terms of targeting and reporting. The company provides demographic and geographic targeting opportunities, so it is up to you to decide. To make an informative decision, you can use detailed reports about your most valuable customers, optimal CPI bids and places where your app sells best.

With the help of the platform, you can reach 350+ million active users in 180 countries. Such companies as CBS, Lovoo, Peak Games, Trivago, OLX, Clean Master, Paytm, Good Game, Drippler, Go Launcher, Kabam and many others work with Appnext on a regular basis.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Appnext offers unique monetization solutions for developers, websites and media planners.

App developers can integrate SDK provided by Appnext in order to reach world famous advertisers and earn on app installation.  As a developer, you can build a name in the Appnext’s community and make your app stand out from the crowd, whilst enabling advertisers to bid on it. Note that the platform supports native and interstitial ads as well as videos and app walls.

Websites and media partners can expand their reach by offering apps designed with customer’s interests in mind. To get new revenue streams, it is possible to capitalize on outstanding advertiser diversity and global app distribution.

Account Help


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Appnext is an expanding company looking for bright talents. It provides opportunities for learning and promotion. If you feel like joining the team, check available job vacancies at

Editor’s Appnext Review

Appnext is a one-stop shop for app developers, media partners and advertisers designed to serve their monetization and distribution purposes. The platform provides top-of-the-line development tools, including SDK and API, to enable users create exclusive campaigns.

The company operates worldwide delivering billions of impressions monthly. There are over 350 million active users, who can install your apps and help you facilitate sales. It is worth noticing that Appnext partners with such companies as OLX, Trivago, Go Launcher, CBS, Drippler, etc.

Appnext is a privately held company that does not disclose much information about its revenues and operations. Therefore, it is hard to evaluate how successful it is. However, it has a growing community of developers that help this company serve more impressions and attract new unique users.

In contrast to some competitors, Appnext has a CPI bidding model at place, which is advantageous for advertisers. They learn where their mobile apps are promoted and get information about the top performing publishers, which enables them to make the right optimization decisions. The agency provides flexible tracking solutions for customer convenience.

The mobile app developers, media partners and even websites can use Appnext to monetize app. Since the company has innovative technologies at place, it is easy to create unique ad units that maximize engagement. Besides, it is possible to constantly increase revenues since the platform is expanding and new active users appear.

In terms of customer support, Appnext has much room for improvement. First of all, the only possible way to contact the company is by sending them an email. Second, there are no contact details, i.e. address or phone number. So, if you have an emergency, you may face problems reaching out to customer reps.

To conclude, Appnext is just another platform bringing developers and advertisers together. It delivers the same opportunities as the majority of competitors. However, due to the fact that the company does not disclose its reports to the public, it is hard to understand whether it is successful or not. Furthermore, their contact information is very limited, so in case of emergency, you may not be able to contact Appnext. Hence, it may be a good idea to look for alternatives.

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