CPIMobi Mobile Ad Network Review

CPIMobi is a leading network in the niche when it comes to promoting and monetizing your award-winning Android application.


The marketplace can boast a vast choice of tools and strategies that will result in higher rankings and revenues. You can opt for some of the most efficient ad campaigns that will enable new sources of high-quality organic traffic and deliver our product to the target audience leaving the competitors behind.

CPIMobi is a good choice whenever you want to witness a better exposure in addition to installs and downloads by real users. The platform can boast a set of advantages that let it stand out from other networks available on the web. They include:

  • Great Interface and Easy-to-Use Dashboard;
  • Responsive Support Team;
  • Self-Served Ad Campaigns;
  • Affordable Rates.

Choose from the most suitable advertising model and benefit from low fees. Advertisers are charged only in case of a real install or download.


Website: https://cpimobi.com

Number of employees: 1-10

Founded: 2014

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cpimobi


If you look for a huge and trustworthy mobile ad platform, CPIMobi is certainly the right place to choose. The network has turned into a leading marketplace featuring more than 16 billion ad connections available every month.

Those advertisers who opt for pay-per-install model, will certainly appreciate more than 30 million monthly downloads. They are performed by real users only. The platform offers beneficiary pay=per-click strategies in addition to a selection of other models. Opting for this strategy is a good idea considering more than 1.5 billion clicks per month.

The company will provide you with a quick and easy start. Feel free to consult support specialists always ready to deliver high-quality assistance whether you need to get started. They will lend a hand when customizing running ad campaigns as well. You will get a full access to a selection of efficient commercial tools that will make it easy for you to optimize a chosen strategy.


CPIMobi represents a pool of qualified experts in various field. Support team is not an exception. You are free to use any of the following methods to keep in touch with our specialists 24/7 and solve any technical and managing problems. Contact us know via:

Skype: cpimobi

Contact e-mail: [email protected]

FAQ: https://cpimobi.com/faq


CPIMobi team can currently boast qualified professionals in various fields. They range from skillful and creative designers, marketers, client managers, senior developers and other staff. We are not currently seeking for new employees.


CPIMobi is the platform that certainly worth paying attention. It is a good network for advertisers who seek for low rates and versatile advertising models. At the same time, it provides some great tools letting customer benefit from higher ranking at Google Play and organic traffic sources. The key benefit is that network deals with real users only. Advertisers are charged I case of real installs or clicks. There are no hidden fees and charges.

The registration process is rather clear and simple. It will hardly take you more than a minute to get a full access to all marketing tools. They will let you manage and customize the running campaign at any stage. Every time you face difficulties when getting started or running a particular strategy, support team will come in handy. It proved to be attentive and responsive enough. Summing up, CPIMobi is a good network to choose considering all available marketplaces of the same segment.


  1. I have several medium Android apps. A needed a network that would boost my rankings and exposure level. CPIMobi totally satisfied me with its rates. Commercial tools and support team expertise level. Thank you for your help!

  2. I have just entered the mobile app market and required for assistance. At first, I did not have the foggiest idea how to get started. CPIMobi consultants lent me a hand and helped to customize a suitable marketing model. Highly recommend this network.

  3. Whether you need organic Android traffic or high rankings at Google Play, CPIMobi is suitable for both. We have been cooperating for several years and I can say these guys are proven professionals.

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