InMobi Mobile Ad Network Review

InMobi implements innovative mobile advertising techniques to enable customers discover new products.

Introduction to InMobi

Ranked 15th on the World’s Most Innovative Companies list 2016, InMobi facilitates 138 billion discovery sessions monthly, which make it a leader in the mobile marketing industry. The company has recently introduced Miip, a top-of-the-line discovery platform that helps developers, advertisers and brands expand their reach and engage new customers. InMobi reaches about 1 billion active users in 200 countries and delivers 2.6 billion app downloads every month. Among InMobi’s investors are SoftBank, Kleiner Perkins Caufield, Byers, Sherpalo.

InMobi Company Stats

  • Official website:
  • Founded in 2007
  • Company size: 501- 1000 employees
  • Social media accounts:







Information for Advertisers

By using Miip, Advertisers can facilitate installs and user engagement. The platform has numerous discover zones incorporated into over 40,000 apps. The aforementioned zones are built to provide rich visual and audio experience in order to make sure that a user explores an app before installation. In such a way, the company eliminates incentivized downloads, making users to install only those apps that they are really interested in. For advertisers, it means quality traffic generation as well as high engagement and retention.

InMobi offers advanced targeting capabilities and extensive support for tracking the success of a given campaign. The company has state-of-the-art analytics at place to identify bottlenecks and improve a campaign’s performance.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Miip is a platform designed to help developers grow their business by delivering outstanding user experience. It provides original and interactive solutions to grasp the attention of potential customers. The platform enables monetization through several channels: games, social media, news and entertainments portals. To start earning money, developers have to integrate a lightweight SDK into their apps. InMobi has a self-service platform that allows accessing various ad formats, reporting tools and advanced promotion features.

It is worth noticing that among InMobi’s partners are such prominent companies as Vasco Games, Mag Interactive, 1Button, Fingersoft, PicCollage, distictdev, Outfit 7 and many others.

Account Help

Contacts: Chulia St., OCBC Center, Singapore, 049513 Singapore.

The company has 17 offices worldwide, find their contact info here:



InMobi is a multinational giant operating worldwide and constantly expanding to new markets. Therefore, job openings appear on a regular basis. Currently, there are 17 offices in strategic locations dispersed globally. The company consists of eight teams: Strategy & Operations, Design, HR & Admin, Finance & Legal, Marketing, Products, Sales& Business Development and Technology. If you lack experience or haven’t decided on your career path, you can join the interns team. For more information, visit

Editor’s InMobi Review

Since its inception in 2007, that company has grown from a local ad service into the biggest independent mobile ad network with global coverage. The advertising mobile company has 17 offices in key destinations, including Singapore, US, India, UK, China, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, UAE, France and others. Today many influential companies like KPCB, Softbank and Sherpalo invest into its operations.

Since InMobi is constantly improving its technology and implements new algorithms, it has managed to bring user experience to a new level of excellence. It has over billion active users and serves 100+ billions impressions in 200 countries and territories. Such an impressive coverage provides limitless opportunities for app developers, advertisers, brands and retails striving to maximize their mobile presence and generate top revenues.

InMobi attracts thousands of publishers by offering them unique monetization solutions. Its discovery platform called Miip helps deliver excellent user experience and hence enable higher engagement rates. The platform integrates several channels, popular with potential customers: games, social media, entertainment and news. In terms of format, InMobi works with banners and rich media in order to provide sharp visual and audio experience to the target customers.

Miip is a great tool not only for publishers, but also for app advertisers. Thanks to its capability to collect user reactions, advertisers can design their campaigns more effectively. Furthermore, there are revolutionary targeting tools that help acquire top quality users and increase traffic generation. Advertisers can choose from a variety of high performance ads and leverage reporting and bid management.

The company provides great customer support, so whenever you have a question, you can just fill in an online form and submit it. Due to the fact that InMobi operates worldwide, there is always someone in the customer support team who is ready to handle your inquires.

To sum up, InMobi is the largest mobile advertising service that connects publishers, brands, and retailers with their primary audiences. The company has a powerful platform that enables promotion, maximizes monetization and facilitates user acquisition. It goes without saying that InMobi can be a great partner to help publishers and advertisers reach even the most ambitious marketing goals.


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