Matomy Mobile Ad Network Review

Matomy Media Group is a reputable digital marketing company listed in the Blue Book Top-20 CPA for four consecutive years (2013-2016).

Introduction to Matomy

It specializes in facilitating marketing results via multiple digital channels on mobile and web platforms. The main goal of the company is to generate top revenues for publishers though CPI, CPM-A, CPA and revenue-sharing solutions as well as to increase sales and leads for advertisers. The company provides global coverage (200+ countries) and servers around 120 billion impressions monthly.

Matomy Company Stats

  • Official website
  • Founded 2007
  • Company size 201-500 employees
  • Headquarters Israel (offices in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Mexico)
  • Social Media Accounts:


Information for Advertisers

Matomy Media Group is a leader in digital advertising across multiple channels: social, mobile, video, search, email, etc. Thanks to its revolutionary mobile ad solutions, customers enjoy higher user acquisition rates, boost quality leads and increase returns on investment. Besides, it offers better targeting options for capturing high-value customers and innovative performance targeting algorithm.

Among its top advertisers are, WonderMall, Playtika, Gree and Wooga.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Matomy’s media partners can monetize across multiple devices globally. There is no need to work with numerous partners in order to provide an impeccable advertising experience across mobile and web channels. Furthermore, publishers are charged only when they generate some revenue with the company’s solutions.

Matomy Media Group offers a variety of monetization solutions:

  • Trading (Access to hundreds of demand partners worldwide)
  • Managed Media (Programmatic and revenue share models, stable CPM rates and premium bookings)
  • Marketplace (over 6,000 mobile and web offers available on company’s marketplace)

Account Help

Contacts: Israel, Tel Aviv, 6 Hanechoshet St. (Headquarters)

Phone number:  +972 77 360 6060



Matomy Media Group is a global company present in US, UK, Canada, Europe and Mexico. Therefore, every team member strives in a changing international environment and is surrounded by talented and skilled employees. The company values creative people with passion for digital marketing. Matomy Media Group promotes integrity, innovation, teamwork, excellence and fun at its workplace and does its best to provide a healthy work-life balance.

Editor’s Matomy Review

Matomy is an established performance-based company specializing in digital marketing solutions for different channels and platforms. Founded in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 2007, today it has expanded its operations to key locations worldwide. Matomy has offices in London, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Denver, Vienna, Munich and Mexico.

This company helps mobile advertising partners and publishers increase value from traffic, generate revenues, optimize their app performance and run effective mobile marketing campaigns.

Over 10,000 of mobile publishers and affiliates use Matomy to monetize on social media apps, freemium games, MMOs, etc. App developers and publishers can benefit from a variety of campaigns dedicated to different causes, ranging from education to finance. Publishers get access to innovative optimization tools and global offers with targeted traffic in given countries. Furthermore, Matomy provides real-time reports, so it is easy to see the results of your campaign. It’s worth noticing that there are incentives for affiliates earning $30,000+. The company offers a special “Black Card” program that guarantees bonuses for reaching certain objectives and allows visiting corporate events and trade shows.

For mobile advertisers, Matomy is a handy and quite effective promotional tool. Since the company provides enhanced targeting solutions, advertisers can increase leads and facilitate overall performance. Furthermore, there are many areas, including entertainment and finance, in which the company can provide additional expertise. The agency promotes a variety of advertising competences across multiple channels.  Good news is that there are no management fees and hidden costs, so advertisers pay only for the results.

Media Group Matomy has extended its reach to numerous countries, which allows it to enhance global and local mobile-marketing capabilities. It ensures full ad coverage for mobile devices, which is vital for advertisers targeting smartphone users, for example.

In terms of ad formats, Matomy offers a variety of options: text links, banners, push notifications, etc. The most popular one, however, is a catfish banner that appears at the bottom of a page and stays there even when a viewer scrolls down. Another popular format is ‘intromercial’, a full screen ad that pops up before a viewer reaches the desired page.

People considering joining Matomy’s affiliate program should remember one thing. Even though the company provides higher earnings than many of its competitors, it is very hard to predict how much you will earn on a regular basis. There may be days when you get pennies and days when you get hundreds of dollars. So, if erratic earnings are ok for you, then it is a good idea to give Matomy a shot.

Media Matomy provides outstanding customer support. It’s possible to reach them by phone, email or by sending a contact form. They promptly respond to all the incoming enquires and give the necessary information to solve your issue. Furthermore, if you are looking for additional monetization options, account managers can recommend you possible solutions.

Matomy is a leading international company offering digital performance-based marketing solutions. Among the benefits you can get is a variety of ad formats, innovative algorithms, ability to optimize campaigns and prompt payments. However, there are some drawbacks to beware of. First, there are hybrid CPA/CPM payouts, which is quite confusing for some users. Also, it is impossible to change ad categories, so if you want to do that, you have to contact their representatives (who are very responsive and helpful).


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