Mobusi Mobile Ad Network Review

Mobusi also helps publishers monetize their apps by targeting the right audience and increasing eCPM.

Introduction to Mobusi

Founded as a subsidiary of Impresiones Web, a Spanish advertising network, Mobusi has quickly gained popularity worldwide. It has established a reputation of a trustworthy performance ad agency. It aids advertising partners to reach their marketing goals by launching campaigns across multiple channels. The company serves 80+ million mobile clicks and delivers 250,000+ conversions daily.

Mobusi is headquartered in Madrid, but also has offices in Barcelona, Singapore and Mexico.

Mobusi Company Stats

  • Official website:
  • Founded in 2012
  • Company size: 51- 200 employees
  • Social media accounts:




Information for Advertisers

Over 5,000 mobile advertisers use Mobusi to promote apps across particular geographic regions and connect to leading publishing partners. The company offers targeting tools designed to increase app visibility and generate quality leads.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

App developers implementing Mobusi technologies can benefit from unrivalled eCPMs and high revenues. Furthermore, the company provides major tools needed for creating a performing campaign.

Account Help

Contacts: Quintana 2, 2nd Floor, 28008, Madrid Spain

Tel: +34 911 610 116

Email: [email protected]


There are no positions currently available at Mobusi.

Editor’s Mobusi Review

As a spin-off of a Spanish web ad platform, Mobusi is designed to serve mobile marketing solutions for publishers and advertisers. The company’s team is formed of top-notch professionals – all the executive managers have 10+ years of experience. The company provides international coverage and has offices in Spain, Singapore and Mexico.

The company provides access to a pool of publishers, social media partners, RTB and SEM. Every day it generates about 200,000 leads worldwide. Furthermore, the company is constantly increasing its partner base by working with influential brands, entertainment enterprises and leading game distributors. It helps to facilitate user acquisition processes and generate higher returns on investment.

It is interesting to note that Mobusi regularly posts statistics, regarding its achievements in the previous month. So, you can see the number of clicks, sales and geographical locations where apps were promoted.

By using Mobusi, advertisers can significantly increase awareness and make their apps more noticeable. To do so, they should choose the right ad format (banner, interstitial, video, rich media or pop-ups) and try advanced targeting solutions provided by Mobusi. It is important to note that the company has favorable rates. In terms of payment options, it is possible to choose from CPI, CPC, CPA, CPM and CPL models. It is very convenient since partners may opt for the most suitable solutions and pay for actions.

It goes without saying that publishers striving to monetize apps are very welcome at Mobusi. The company has a mobile ad network of thousands publishers who can promote an app via their apps and hence bring new revenue streams. To assess the effectiveness of a campaign and monitor results, publishers can take advantage of advanced reporting options.

In terms of account help, Mobusi is doing a very good job. You can reach customer support reps by phone, email or by submitting an online request. Usually, it does not take long for a company to get back to you, so you get fast replies to all your inquiries.

To sum up, Mobusi is quite a competitive mobile marketing platform. It is constantly expanding its reach establishing partnerships with influential companies. However, in comparison to other monetization/promotion servers, this agency lacks tools and technologies for laser targeting and customer retention. Still, it may be a decent option for aspiring Mobusi mobile advertisers and app developers.

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