NativeX Mobile Ad Network Review

Main advantage of NativeX is the full guaranty in reaching awesome ROI that will be constantly growing. It has become possible thanks to its experience in acquisition strategy and cooperation with numerous consumers. So in a result this network provides qualitative international campaigns to target their audience. The following NativeX review is based on its main features and will demonstrate the most interesting sides of network.

Introduction to NativeX

NativeX was founded by Mobvista to create a special platform for native advertising. Such approach in promotion is quite in demand among games and mobile software. If publisher aspires to earn money with own product this network will help in smart monetization. In this case it proposes different kinds of ads including reward and non-reward. Customer can choose one kind or use a mix of them: banners, walls, native ad formats, lightning play video, etc.

NativeX Company Stats

  • Official website:
  • Founded in 2000
  • Company size: 200-500 employees
  • Social Media Accounts:





Information for Advertisers

With NativeX customers have a real opportunity to reach their goals, such as getting traction, increasing amount of organic users, and improving ranking. In addition they will provide every user with full reports to monitor all actions in campaigns.

How large the NativeX is? Let’s see it using statistics. So in its range there are over 1 billion users and over 1 thousand direct publishers. So NativeX review shows it has really good conditions for clients and can guarantee result.

With this modern network it is possible:

  • to make an application more recognizable and popular among target audience;
  • to boost brand new software in mobile store, including improving its promotion with keyword optimization;
  • to add more installs to application and reach the highest ROI.

So NativeX review really impresses and will be valued by advertisers who are fed up with wasting money and getting no real result.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

What is needed to generate the best marketing solution for numerous clients? According to NativeX review and policy it is only new approved technologies and creative approaches in content. That’s why this ad network is keen on software monetization and app promotion using different kinds of ads formats.

Account Help

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Editor’s NativeX Review

NativeX is a successful project that was created and developed by twins Rob and Ryan Weber in Minnesota. With all their efforts and knowledge now we have such ad platform that satisfies both advertisers and publishers. And as a reward of brother’s efforts their company became one of the TOP 10 world companies that help in great software monetization. Such achievement deserves  honor and pride.

The next global step in NativeX development happened in February 2016. That year a famous company Mobvista that is well-known on the Asian advertising market decided to cooperate with this young team. In a result together they lead company on the international market. In NativeX review it shows how flexible is this company so it can ready help people.

Thanks to pleasant Mobvista proposition now all NativeX advertising partners have large variety of options for promotion and its global supply, including APAC.

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