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How to turn product to profit? It is a real challenge for every new campaign and application. If developers aspire to make it popular and earn good money on its monetization then they have to find and choose proper ad network.

Introduction to is a mix of different experience that can really help. It insists that there is a great advantage of own team no one else have. All is about professional experience of each specialists, because this team consists of developers, publishers, and advertisers who know all needs of modern ad marketing platforms. So if you are looking for good monetization system then pay all attention to review. Company Stats

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  • Founded in 2013
  • Company size: 10-50 employees
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Information for Advertisers

This review shows the following its options:

  1. Reach customers from all over the world. The cooperation with proposes clients to get in touch with new audience no matter where are they. This ad platform can engage people from Brazil, Southeast Asia, Russia, and other counties.
  2. Target only relevant audience. Their search engines analyze potential customers and divide them into segments. In a result advertisers will be sure that they attract real users not just installs. In addition the campaign will be optimized according to the best traffic sources and high LTV audience.
  3. You will know what you paid for. All traffic channels are opened so no important information may be hidden. Such 100 per cent transparency is valued by any customer who aspires to build fair and profitable relationships with ad network.
  4. Easy to manage. Customers don’t need much time and efforts to run and control campaigns. And own personal expert in mobile ads will help if it is needed.
  5. Any risk is prohibited. Clients will never pay for bubble words. Indeed they make payment only for result. It became possible thank to special non-risk models in ad formats.
  6. Easy way to improve. With viewing reviews and reports customers will totally sure in right actions. In any case they can improve visualization, content, and settings to drive more organic installs.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

All publishers can include to their games proper formats of advertising. It will be useful for customers, for instance, to get game currency after watching short videos. Such simple actions will encourage gamers to play therefore. is created to propose only good advertising that would match customers’ experience. In a result it will increase conversation and final revenue from ad networking.

As additional features in should be mentioned:

  • easy management

Clients will have full access to campaigns to optimize and improve them if it is needed.

  • great base of audience cooperates with more than 1500 advertisers and software developers to open doors for maximum revenues.

  • proper customers

Special search algorithms find, sort, and choose target audience so client will find exact users. In a result general conversation rate will grow.

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Editor’s Review is well-known company that has a great experience in software monetization and apps distribution. So clients from the globe can trust them such difficult and responsible task and be sure in own choice.

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