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Online app promotion is one of the most effective ways of app visibility improvement. With modern tools and software solutions offered by numerous reliable online companies, the developers and marketers can easily reach their marketing goals.

Introduction to

Reviews-Up is an up-to-date online company that offers top quality app promotion services. The Company works with both experienced app developers and the beginners. Reviews-Up provides fast and convenient services for reasonable prices. The company has a huge experience in providing advanced promotion services from real users only.


The Reviews-Up website offers a convenient contact form. Therefore, in case you have questions, feel free to send a message through an available form, writing down your email to get a reply.


Every client gets a bunch of benefits once working with Reviews-Up Company. Together with fast and convenient services, you get safe and advanced payment and ordering procedures.
The Company provides the following improved services:

  • App store reviews;
  • App store installs;
  • Android app reviews;
  • Android app installs.

The company offers affordable iOS app reviews:

  • 10 iOS reviews – $30
  • 20 reviews – $50
  • 50 reviews – $120
  • 100 reviews – $200
  • 200 reviews – $360
  • 300 reviews – $500

Reviews-Up provides improved iOS app installs:

  • 200 iOS installs – $90
  • 1000 installs – $400
  • 2000 installs – $700
  • 5000 installs – $1500
  • 10000 installs – $2800
  • 25000 installs – $6000

The company provides Android app reviews & ratings:

  • 10 Android reviews – $40
  • 20 reviews – $70
  • 50 reviews – $130
  • 100 reviews – $200
  • 200 reviews – $350
  • 500 reviews – $700

Reviews-Up provides improved Android app installs:

  • 500 Android installs – $90
  • 1000 installs – $170
  • 5000 installs – $750
  • 10000 installs – $1400
  • 20000 installs – $2200
  • 50000 installs – $4500

Reviews-Up is one of the top companies that offer advanced ASO services. This is one of the most effective app promotion services aimed at full app optimization and significant increase of the top app’s characteristics and visibility. The ASO includes a wide set of effective optimization solutions, including title, description, and keyword optimization, promo video improvement, app store reviews, and press release performing.

Reviews-Up provides improved Android app installs:

  • Basic Package – $200
  • Advanced Package – $490
  • Premium Package – $895


The company provides a full money refund in the case when a client is unsatisfied with the results. In the same time, Reviews-Up is a professional company, which always delivers full amount of ordered reviews and installs, and always on time. Many years of successful services’ delivery has made a company a reliable online assistant for thousands of people worldwide

Editor’s Review

The Reviews-Up platform is the top place for developers who tend to make their applications famous. The company offers advanced services delivering an exceptional textual content, improved image, impressive number of loyal users, installs and reviews, together with a round-the-clock professional support service. With top-notch Reviews-Up services, you will assuredly get higher install rate improving your rankings significantly. Every client will get more installs, loyal clients and recognition with Reviews-Up Company!


  1. The specialists of the company provide excellent services and on-time delivery. I always look for these top offers when dealing with online companies.

  2. I have used ordering Reviews-Up services for many years already. The services allow me improving my apps’ core characteristics, content’s features, and visibility significantly.

  3. This is the exact website, where I can order Android installs in a few clicks. This is a reliable team with fast services. What else could I need?

  4. The first time I have reached Reviews-Up Company, I honestly was not hoping to get a good result. However, eventually, this exact company helped me to get incredible visibility for my app. I am extremely grateful to every expert of Reviews-Up Company.

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