Smaato Mobile Ad Network Review

Operating in the mobile ad industry since 2005, Smaato has earned a reputation of a reliable innovative platform.

Introduction to Smaato

The company received numerous awards, including Top 100 Private Company Award and Global 250 winners in the Mobile category. Also, it was named the ‘company to watch in 2010’ by GP Bullhound, a prominent investment banking firm.

Due to its Smaato global advertising reach and impressive networks of partners, this company offers attractive opportunities for app developers, mobile publishers and advertisers. It manages billions of ads daily coming from 90,000 partners.

Smaato Company Stats




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Information for Advertisers

By providing access to over 90k publishers and generating 300+ billion impressions worldwide, Smaato is the right place for advertisers. The list of benefits provided by the company includes:

  • Massive reach: advertisers bid on targeted ad placements to increase ROI and buy valuable users.
  • Fast integration: the company offers fast and easy access to the inventory.
  • Enhanced testing: innovative self-service tools provide enormous testing opportunities and deliver immediate results.

When taking advantage of the Smaato platform, you not only access top inventory but also reach targeted mobile users. Among the company’s partners are Microsoft, Outfit 7, BBM and Pinger.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

To maximize fill rates and optimize revenues, publishers can use a unified Smaato’s ad server called SPX. It connects over 450 ad networks worldwide and helps generate billion of impressions. Hence, you can establish exclusive partnerships and deals. SPX was designed with a view to giving publishers control over monetization processes. The platform makes it easy to identify the best ad prices, mediate major ad networks and obtain the needed reports in a couple of clicks.

The of ad types supported includes expandable banners, videos, native and standard ads.

Account Help

Contacts: Valentinskamp 70, Emporio, 19th Floor, 20355 Hamburg

Email: [email protected]

Phone: + 494034809490

Fax: +494049219055


The company is divided into four major departments:  sales, engineering, marketing and product management. So, you can join one of them. As an international enterprise with a rich corporate culture, Smaato values innovation, talent and team spirit. The company offers an extensive package of benefits: career development opportunities, ability to work in an international environment, flexible schedules, innovative management teams, free snacks and drinks, etc.  More information is available at

Editor’s Smaato Review

Smaato is an award-winning real-time mobile ad optimizer that brings ad partners and publishers together. Founded in 2005 in Hamburg, Germany, the company has grown to San Francisco, California and later on to Singapore. Today Smaato is operating globally and delivers monetization and ad solutions to over 230 countries and territories.

The company has built a strong reputation on the market, which was noticed by leading analysts and media partners. It received a Top 100 Private Company Award (presented by AlwaysOn Media) in the years 2007 and 2009 as well as in 2011-2015. Furthermore, it became a winner in the mobile category of AlwaysOn Global 250 winners four times.

The platform aggregates over 450 thousands of top ad networks and DSPs, which results in 300 billions of impressions per month. It is not surprising that Smaato has become one of the mobile ad industry leaders.

Advertisers can take advantage of revolutionary segmentation and targeting tools that facilitate the process of user acquisition and boost visibility. Since Smaato offers global coverage, it is possible to market an app to a particular geographic region or promote it worldwide.

By employing SPX, a state-of-the-art publisher ad server, it is possible to make monetization easy and control every step of the process. The platform features a private marketplace and offers SDK mediation opportunities. Thanks to innovative algorithms, you can get all the needed reports in order to evaluate how well you are doing and identify areas for improvement.

It is worth noticing that the company keeps its hand on the pulse of global trends. Smaato has recently introduced a new report highlighting six prominent trends in the advertising mobile industry. Therefore, the company does not only provide mobile ad monetization services, but also dedicates much time to researching the market and identifying new opportunities. That is why Smaato has managed to stay ahead of the competition in the industry dominated by AdMob.

To sum up, Smaato is a reputable advertising platform mobile offering excellent opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike. By implementing cutting-edge technologies and integrating leading ad platforms, the company delivers billions of impressions. It helps acquire new users and generate top revenues. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to monetize your app or boost its visibility, it may be a good idea to try Smaato.


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