StartApp Mobile Ad Network Review

Founded in 2010, StartApp has earned a solid reputation in the mobile ad industry by providing top targeting and innovative advertising solutions.

Introduction to StartApp

By using a unique social data platform (SODA), advertisers enjoy outstanding results, while publishers benefit from enhanced monetization. SODA makes it possible to create a detailed picture of a target audience, and hence optimize a mobile strategy to reach the right people at the right time. StartApp is noticeable for its global coverage (477+ million monthly users) and influential partners (Uber, 365 Scores, YouTube).

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Information for Advertisers

StartApp can help advertisers publicize their apps and increase brand visibility. When working with the company, advertisers get access to a user-friendly portal incorporating numerous tools. They allow creating top notch campaigns and reviewing results. Furthermore, there is a targeting algorithm to take advantage of. It is designed to target users by their device type, country, carrier, maturity and category. The agency is constantly introducing new parameters in order to refine its targeting options. It is important to note that the company works with different ad types (inside and outside apps) to enhance visibility.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

StartApp has a wide range of products designed to increase revenues and ensure top user experience. With the help of its SODA platform, you can improve your targeting and increase earnings by making your apps to promote other mobile apps.

The company provides a software development kit (SDK) that should be integrated into your app to start earning money. It does not matter what type of app you are trying to monetizing or what country you are from, StartApp’s SDK is a universal solution.

What concerns payment options, the company has a revenue share model at place. It means that your earnings are based on your app performance.

Account Help

Contacts: 584 Broadway Suite 1206 New York, NY 10012 United States

Email: [email protected]



StartApp is an established global company with a unique team-oriented culture and a relaxed environment. There are three core values fostered by the company: cooperation, commitment and professionalism. The company values every employee and in order to reward them, it provides numerous perks, including personal trainings, stock options, annual company trips, food allowances and a healthy work-life balance. If you feel like joining the company, check current job opportunities here:

Editor’s StartApp Review

StartApp is a reputable mobile advertising platform that deals with two major problems in its industry. It helps developers to get some money out of their apps, whilst assisting advertisers with app distribution and increasing downloads. Thanks to state-of-the art technologies and professional services, the company managed to make a name for itself.

Headquartered in New York City, StartApp has offices in San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Beijing and Shanghai. By establishing its presence on the global arena, the company managed to increase its reach and facilitate strategic partnerships with YouTube, Uber and 365 scores. What is more, it enables partners to access almost half a billion of active users monthly, and therefore, increase their acquisition rates and generate revenues.

StartApp provides excellent monetization opportunities for developers. To start earning, it’s essential to integrate an SDK provided by the company. In fact, there are two types of SDK integration: partial and full. It’s possible to test both and then opt for the best option. The only negative thing regarding the SDK is the permission number you need when you have integrated it in your app. Some users are bothered by the permissions required by the app, while others perceive it as a necessity. In addition to ad types incorporated in SDK, StartApp has introduced exit ads that pop up whenever a user is exiting an app.

Advertisers aiming for outstanding results in terms of user acquisition, generating leads and increasing exposure, can benefit from StartApp. The company offers advanced targeting tools that allow advertisers to create a more appealing campaign and increase the chance of engagement. Furthermore, all the necessary managing and analytical tools are incorporated in a special user-friendly portal. So, it is possible to monitor a campaign and identify possible opportunities.

If you have a project in mind or need some assistance with StartApp tools, don’t hesitate to contact company representatives. You can either send them a message or fill in a special online form. Usually, customer reps are very responsive, so they will get in touch with you very soon.

It goes without saying that if you are an android developer or an advertiser, StartApp is definitely worth your attention. Due to its effective tools, international coverage and professional service, you can reach ambitious monetization and marketing goals. Furthermore, if you have any questions you can always contact their customer representatives who will explain all the details in the most professional manner.

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