TrialPay Mobile Ad Network Review

TrialPay is a prominent transactional ad platform that help advertisers and developers engage with high-end brands, drive traffic and acquire new users.

Introduction to TrialPay

The company works with leading partners in many industries, such as entertainment, retail, online products services, software, etc. It presents excellent mobile marketing opportunities. In 2015, Visa acquired TrialPay, making the company invest into the newest technologies and work with many industry leaders, like Facebook, Gap, Fandango, Trend Micro and others. Today Among the company’s investors are Visa Inc., DAG Ventures, Greylock Partners, T. Rowe Price and Index Ventures.

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Information for Advertisers

TrialPay has an extensive network of leading web, mobile and social media publishers, which gives advertisers an opportunity to target engaged audiences across multiple channels. In such a way, you can grow brand awareness and generate quality leads. TrialPay employs an action-based pricing model, which means that you are charged only when real results are achieved. In contrast to many competitors, the platform provides card-linked offers that facilitate traffic and increase ROI.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

When trying to generate revenues from your app, you can use TrialPay’s solutions. Native Offers API and Evergreen SDK by TrialPay are designed to facilitate engagement and LTV. The platform also features numerous offer walls where your target audience can discover your app and take advantage of your card-linked offers. In order not only to engage the right users but also to retain them, subscription services may come handy. Since TrialPay has established partnerships with leading advertisers, they can sponsor a free trial for your users, turning them into loyal customers in the long-run.

Account Help

Contacts: 800 California Street #300Mountain View, CA 94041 United States



In spite of the fact that the company was acquired by Visa, it manages to maintain a startup environment. TrialPay hires talented people and enables them to grow whilst achieving their top potential. The company values hard work, openness, fun and ability to push individual limits. If you are willing to join their international team, check available positions and choose the right one for you at

Editor’s TrialPay Review

The company presents developers and advertisers with attracting monetization and promotional incentives. Due to the fact that the company was acquired by Visa, it got a chance to back its operation with a Fortune 500 partner. Furthermore, as part of Visa Inc., TrialPay attracts reputable investors, including T. Rowe Price, Index Ventures, Greylock Partners, Dag Ventures and some others.

TrialPay has around 6 million active users in 180 countries, which ensures pretty much global reach. Its transactional advertising platform connects to 20,000 publishers and leading media partners. It is interesting to note that the company places its offers at thousands of websites, including Facebook, Gap, Fandango and others. It has exclusive patents providing alternative online payment options.  A good thing about this agency is its ability to constantly innovate and employ top-of-the-line technologies and algorithms.

An important advantage for advertisers is a result-pricing model implemented by TrialPay. It means that the company charges only for actual results. Furthermore, it offers access to an extensive pool of potential users, whom you can target using innovative TrialPay’s tools. If you have any problems at any stage of designing or implementing your campaign, you can send a query online and professional representative will help you out.

In terms of monetization opportunities, TrialPay is one of leading platforms on the market. It allows you to integrate a specially designed SDK to access top advertisers and start making money. When it comes to exclusive tools for publishers, it’s important to point out the ability to design your native ads and reward leveling up by providing coupons. TrialPay works with native ads, interstitials, offer walls, videos and banners.

To conclude, it is important to state that TrialPay offers several exclusive tools for advertisers and publishers. Its card-linked offers make target users shop more and hence increase your ROI. Top-of-the-line SDK and API help facilitate engagement and LVP. Furthermore, there are several tools for customer retention, which can help your app stand out. Since the company’s operations are backed up by Visa, you can be safe in knowledge that you will get your payouts. Overall, TrialPay is an attractive solution for aspiring and professional developers as well as advertising partners.

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