Types of mobile ad networks

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If you want to promote an app or a game, you will surely want to use special tools, which will help you make your app visible on Google Play or App Store. There are many types of app promotion utilities, which are constantly improving. You will be surprised to see how diverse and different these apps are. For example, some of them use video and in-image advertising, while others – in-text ads and so on.

Pricing options can be another criteria of distinguishing one app from another, which gives publishers a chance to earn on installs, clicks or performed actions. These models can be divided into:

  • CPM. When using this model one will need to pay for every 1, 000 miles ( ad impressions);
  • CPC. This model charges advertisers only if users click on the promoting application;
  • CPI. This model is considered to be the most effective and wide-spread users app, allowing you to pay for the installed applications only;
  • CPA. Here the advertiser is charged only when the agreed action is completed.

The market of mobile advertising has been operating for almost 20 years now and is believed to bring $7 billion revenues by 2019. Choose the type of ad networks, which suites your goals the best and discover the world of mobile promotion to boost your attendance and profits.

The best way to increase the number of ad installs

Human resources are the best and safest way to boost the growth and increase app installs. This category can be divided into paid and organic sources. The research says that attracting non-organic sources increases the overall popularity and visibility of the app because it increases the number of installs – the main criteria in app store optimization. It is proved that one paid install attracts three organic ones.

Paid or non-organic sources are app downloads, which are attracted by promotions, especially inside the mobile network. Such users download and install the app in exchange for internal currency or any other benefits.

Organic installs derive from the search inside the store. It is a more complex and unpredictable way of promotion, because people are not motivated to find your app. They simply enter key words in the search bar. Most of the times they only scroll through top apps in the category or download the recommended ones. Such users are hard to get, but they are the most valuable for any add promoter.
That is why to boost the number of organic users and installed app, you need to buy app downloads, which will help you to promote your app in the Google Play or App Store.

Top mobile ad networks

Almost every cpi app operates in a similar way. However, there are minor differences in the models of campaigns and their types. Another distinction among such apps is the quality of publishers, which greatly depends on the policy of the app: some have clear and simple system of registration, while others are quite picky.

But there is one strategy, which distinguishes top market players and you should pay extra attention to it when you want to buy app installs. This strategy aims to divide the websites according to categories and fields of interest, which helps to enlarge the target category and will make the leave rate much lower. The audience can also be divided on location, used OS and so on.

The first player on the market of app install ad is Tapgage. It is an Android-based network, which offers many services on promotion, like premium advertisers, top-notch technologies and simple monetizing system. It helps any developer to increase the number of users installed the app.

Another famous mobile ad network is TapContext, which provides the highest payoffs inside any other Android network. By using multiple ways of earning revenues, they help any developer to choose the one, which will be the most suitable according to personal needs and desires. They have introduced a new system of monetizing installs without irritating users with banners and push notifications.

The market of mobile ad networks is flourishing, so every user will surely find the one to satisfy his goals and desires.