Vungle Mobile Ad Network Review

When representatives of the listed above kinds of business cooperate with Vunge they are expecting to use all advantages of their in-apps video advertising  and techniques for increasing the general conversation, customers loyalty, and own profit. Such approach helps to be in touch with target audience from all over the world. So don’t miss this informative Vungle review.

Introduction to Vungle

Their general goal is to provide customers with constantly growing ROI. How it can be done? Vungle was created as huge marketing platform for different kinds of mobile businesses including small and large ones. If they aspire to increase amount of potential and current clients then this network is made for them. So they always estimate own efforts using well-known system – ROI. It demonstrates the level of investment returnment, so clients always know where each dollar was spent.

Vungle Company Stats

  • Official website:
  • Founded in 2011
  • Company size: 50-200 employees
  • Social Media Accounts:




Information for Advertisers

Why numerous customers trust Vungle? Years ago it was enough to order installs to make any application popular. But nowadays situation has been changed. If client aspires to get high results in promotion he should optimize general approach in marketing and improve advertising. It is an approach Vungle uses to promote mobile software on the highest level. Here are key options that will be interesting for clients in this Vungle review:

– the way to target proper audience. Their LTV optimization technology helps to focus only on those customers who are interested in you and your product.

– the full transparency in relationships. Vungle provides each client with full report about their actions. It also centers the budget on promotion.

– use different kinds of advertising. Even if your promotion works you can improve it by controlling ads with format, length, and content.

So in general there are 4 reasons to use Vungle

  1. It has wide experience. This company is experienced at ad-buying and has expert view on each issue.
  2. It uses high quality tools. All purposes will be reached with modern approaches and tools. It is dangerous to use old-fashioned options, so Vungle reviews only new and approved ones.
  3. It provides customizable advertising. The number of your customers will increase in several times
  4. Easy usage is guaranteed. They will integrate with the leading video DSPs to match all clients purposes.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

All ads are created including needs of target audience and client’s purposes. That’s why such services can really help to improve mobile business. The level of ROI depends on several indexes, but Vungle review insists several its clients did reach 10x growth in monetization.

Besides high monetization all customers should rely on flexible payment and access to most popular advertising platforms.

Account Help

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Editor’s Vungle Review

Vungle is created to help in app advertising. This platform proposes services via engaging video ads. Clients trust this network to communicate users all over the world. That’s why TOP publishers choose Vungle if they need such services.

According to official statistics, this company is trusted by 40,000+ mobile apps on the globe. Among its clients are Miniclip, Supercell, Outfit7, SEGA.  Vungle reviews and serves 2.5 billion customers per month from more than 500 million different devices. So it’s no surprise this service is the number one among mobile ads networks.

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