Woobi Mobile Ad Network Review

Woobi is a complex solution for everyone you aspire to use own product in regular monetization. It is keen on combination of different ads formats to archive maximum customers’ loyalty. By this reason there are 3 main departments: for games and applications, for media formats, and for video ads. Each of them is good for all kinds of mobile software.

Introduction to Woobi

The team of Woobi is sure that the best reward for their work is approval of numerous advertisers and brands they have been cooperating with. In addition customers will be glad to use native kinds of mobile performance, ability to segment and target proper audience, and provide proper optimization. These features became available because of company’s cooperation with premium publishers and direct SDK integration.

Woobi review shows that it can use customers experience to provide clients with accommodation in advertising to gain the highest results. This company cooperates with more than 130 countries and millions of users.

Woobi Company Stats

  • Official website: http://www.woobi.com
  • Founded in 2008
  • Company size: 50-200 employees
  • Social Media Accounts:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TokenAds/

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU8ysqwcA5lwZsh3VjFARyA

Twitter https://twitter.com/woobicom

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/Woobi

Information for Advertisers

Be sure that this team will target your audience. They segment it according to gender, age, and other criteria to reach the best results. Notice that Woobi can be proud for its ratings – over 95 per cent in viewability and 90 per cent in completion rates.

To increase the general ROI Woobi uses 3rd party audits and pay attention to safety of your brand.  And the main advantage of this company is its actions in proper time. It means, that this ad platform helps to cooperate with user in time he is really comfortable.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

According to smart ads formats the revenue from monetization will be as high as possible. It became available thanks to DMA – Dynamic Mindset Advertising. This technology identify when it is the proper time to target user. So Woobi review shows client will get users not just installs. And the process will be quick, simple, and fair.

Account Help

Contact form http://woobi.com/contact/

Editor’s Woobi Review

There are several differences in programmatic algorithms of Woobi and other advertising networks. Most of them can display ads in standard period of time. But Woobi review shows it uses a technology that can determine the most proper moment when exact customer will be interested in exact brand. This platform is dedicated to both software developers and users to make their cooperation much more profitable. In this case developers will be interested in creating such ads that will call in customers only pleasant feelings. On the other hand customers will enjoy relevant advertising on different time: gameplay, resting, communication, etc. Such approach allows avoiding any kind of spam and helps to bring only high revenues.

According to Woobi review in philosophy this company tries to make its advertising solution on the same level the game or application is done. So their actions will become an organic continue for users. It really makes a difference between annoying media content and relevant ad solutions.

They are keen on in-game ads that bring the highest results for developers. For instance, their content is meant to engage players while they rest during gameplay. Such moments are the most significant.

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