Supersonic Mobile Ad Network Review

Supersonic is an international user acquisition and monetization platform founded in 2009. The company’s mission is to help customers grow their business by implementing the latest technologies and effectively promoting their apps.

Introduction to Supersonic

Supersonic is one of the industry leaders working with top advertisers and publishers. It reaches about 500 million users and generates about 250 000 daily installs. Supersonic is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in the UK, Russia, China, India and Israel. Currently the company employs over 250 people worldwide and is still expanding.

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Information for Advertisers

Supersonic provides full service of revolutionary targeting technologies designed for enhanced user acquisition. Advertisers should identify their target audience, and the platform will help them bring the best customers in. It is possible to choose from a variety of ad formats and test them in order to select the best-performing ones. The company works with popular developers, so you can be sure that your app will be discovered by the target audience. As a result, you will be able to cut your marketing costs, track user segments, increase retention and get LTV reports on a regular basis.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Supersonic claims to maximize your revenues from advertising. It provides a lightweight SDK that can be integrated into any ad, be it a video, interstitial or any other. Among advertising tools the company offers are:

  • Mobile Video: HD videos from leading brands ensure top fill rates and high eCPM.
  • Interstitials: Full-screen advertising that pop-up in the app can facilitate CPMs.
  • Video Mediation: Professional meditation allows connecting numerous mobile ad networks increasing your earning potential.
  • Offer wall: By providing multiple offers, you can boost your app revenue.

Account Help

Contact 17 Bluxome St. San Francisco, CA94107 United States

Tel: +1 650 825 6010



Supersonic is currently expanding and looking for talented people interested in technology. The company has a transparent communication policy, promotes creativity and encourages a can-do attitude. Supersonic values hard work, while always providing some play time for its team members. Employees at this company enjoy numerous perks, including but not limited to, generous healthcare plans, educational opportunities, bonus programs, stock options, free food, and vacations days.

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Editor’s Supersonic Review

Supersonic is a one-stop shop for developers of all sizes, from independent professionals to large studios, willing to promote and monetize their apps. Founded in 2009, Supersonic has managed to expand its reach to strategic geographical locations and attract millions of publishers. Every month, that agency reaches half a billion of users globally. It goes without saying that more and more developers opt for using the platform. Among its high rank customers are Adidas, Dove, Odeon, Citroen, ASOS, Intel, Honda, Sony Pictures and O2.

In 2015, Supersonic merged with IronSource, creating one of the most competitive user acquisition and monetization platforms. As a result, developers do not have to struggle with multiple SDKs as there is a one-size-fits-all solution. Supersonic has introduced a powerful SDK that can be integrated in any ad, including videos, offer walls, interstitials, etc. The kit is lightweight and easy to use. It enables a leading ad mediation platform that is equipped with performance measuring tools, ad placement solutions and other controls that facilitate network management and monetization.

By taking advantage of the Supersonic’s video ad mediation platform, publishers can deliver high quality ads from top video networks, which often results in maximizing revenues. It is important to note that there are two types of mediation: weighted and ‘waterfall’. Weighted video ad mediation enables prioritizing on the top video ad sources, while ‘waterfall’ allows serving ads from numerous sources.

Supersonic provides appealing opportunities for aspiring and professional advertisers. Its state-of-the-art targeting algorithms enable bringing valuable customers in. You can target users by their age, interests, gender, background or any other criteria. A big advantage of Supersonic is that allows tracking of user segments and identifying retention rates. With the help of this data, you can easily customize your campaign and make it more effective.

What is more, it’s possible to leverage different advertising formats to find the one most attractive for the target audience. Supersonic works with the world’s top developers, hence, you can be safe in knowledge that your app will be promoted to the right users.

In case of any questions, you can contact the company by filling out a contact form. There are also phone numbers that you can use to reach company representatives. The company provides top customer support, so you will get answers to your questions promptly.

Overall, Supersonic is a reputable monetization and user acquisition platform. Due to its international reach, you can easily acquire new customers in many countries. Additionally, the company has top quality targeting tools at place, so you can be sure that your ad will be shown to the right user at the right time. In terms of monetization opportunities, Supersonic is an attractive solution. Many leading brands and top developers take advantage of its SDK that facilitates earnings and helps manage the performance of a marketing campaign.

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