Yeahmobi Mobile Ad Network Review

Yeahmobi is a mobile ad platform created to assist businesses with global expansion, user acquisition and monetization.

Introduction to Yeahmobi

As a leading brand of eClick Worldwide Network Technology Co., Ltd, Yeahmobi partners with leading companies worldwide in order to achieve global coverage across multiple channels. Areas of its specialization include mobile apps, games, e-commerce, etc. Yeahmobi’s vision is to “flatten the world with technology”. It means that the company is building a global ecosystem to facilitate connectivity of businesses and users.

YeahMobi Company Stats

  • Website
  • Founded in 2011
  • Company size 201-500 employees
  • Official Social Media Accounts




Information for Advertisers

Yeahmobi provides user acquisition solutions for mobile. As an advertiser, you may have several target markets, in which you are willing to grow a customer base. Yeahmobi assists with reaching this goal by offering:

  • Native ads. Exclusive native ads is an effective tool for acquiring high value customers, and hence, increase conversions and engagement rates.
  • Social and search capabilities. Yeahmobi can help you design effective social media campaigns to reach customers though all major channels, i.e. Facebook, Google, VK, Yandex, etc.
  • Performance networks. Designed to meet your acquisition needs, Yeahmobi’s performance network offers a global reach. You can match your marketing goals with the most suitable sources to facilitate user engagement.
  • Media buying. To ensure that your goals are met, the company can optimize quality metrics, access targeted inventory and facilitate media buying.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Publishers choose Yeahmobi because of premium payouts and advanced performance-tracking opportunities. Besides, the company offers customized solutions for app developers, media buyers and networks.

App developers can benefit from high global fill-rates, enhanced eCPM and inventory monetization. For mobile media buyers, Yeahmobi provides attractive compensation, professional consultation and a portfolio of converting campaigns. Finally, ad network affiliates can connect with advertisers, take advantage of campaign customization and boost fill-rates.

Account Help

Contacts: 6F, West Tower, Western International Plaza, 2 Gaoxin Rd., Gaoxin District, Xi’an, China
Email : [email protected]



Yeahmobi is an international company with offices in China, Japan, Germany and the US. Due to the ever-growing demand for mobile marketing services, it offers attractive career opportunities for ambitious and creative people. For more information check:

Editor’s YeahMobi Review

Yeahmobi is one of the leading mobile marketing platforms offering promotional and monetization opportunities for businesses worldwide. Founded in 2011 in China, the company has expanded to the US, Japan and Germany. Today there are over 400 employees involved in the company’s operation. The main goal of Yeahmobi is to establish a global coverage so that its affiliates could easily connect to their clients, regardless of their location.

Yeahmobi works with thousands of partners and advertisers. The list of its clients includes such prominent brands as Yahoo, Sega, OLX, Lovoo, Gameloft, Freenet Digital, etc. Among 500+ advertisers working with the company are Baidu, Cupid, KSMobile, Paytm, Boyaa, Quikr and others. This agency states to deliver over 160 billion impressions and over 30 million downloads per month. As a result, it helps clients significantly reduce their advertising expenses and increase ROI.

The company develops solutions for native mobile advertising. So far, the most prominent of them are Prime, an optimization ad platform, and Mana, an integration platform. Yeahmobi relies on four core mobile technology engines in its operations: a customizable native launch engine, a contextualization and matching engine, a cross-platform supply integration engine and a re-engagement engine.

In contrast to many competitors, Yeahmobi works with advertisers mobile directly. Dedicated account managers and consultants help achieve any marketing objectives. Working on a CPI/CPA basis, the company assists with promoting mobile apps and games and also expanding the reach of e-businesses. Yeahmobi has a global performance network established for acquiring new users, increasing traffic and providing detailed stats. It tests numerous ad permutations in order to optimize your campaign. Furthermore, there are attractive search and social capabilities for promotion via popular social media channels and search engines.

In terms of monetization opportunities, Yeahmobi has high weekly payout rates with a $100 threshold at place. Developers can take advantage of in-house apps or integrate specially designed SDKs into their products in order to get rich fill-rates and eCPM. Due to the fact that the company offers global coverage, it is possible to differentiate between local and international markets in order to target campaigns more precisely. It is worth noticing that Yeahmobi is constantly testing new offers before providing those to affiliates. If you have questions or would like to get more information about affiliate programs, contact knowledgeable company managers.

To sum up, Yeahmobi is a promising platform for monetization and promotion. It offers a variety of solutions for creating, optimizing and analyzing marketing campaigns. The majority of its advertisers mobile and clients come from Asia, so the company has an impressive coverage in this region. However, if you need a company to promote your apps to the European and American markets, Yeahmobi may lack influence there.

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